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What you think the internet looks like vs. what actually looks like.

What you think the internet looks like vs. what actually looks like.

What Everyone Gets Wrong in the Debate Over Net Neutrality

People are worried about internet “fast lanes”, when in fact these fast lanes already exist and have existed for years.

These are called content distribution networks (CDN). It is the most effective way to bypass bottle-necks and to make sure the most popular sites and networks are as fast as possible for everyone. If not for CDNs, the most popular sites that suck up most of the internets bandwidth would be slower and would make ALL of the other sites even slower. “by 2009, half of all internet traffic originated in less than 150 large content and content-distribution companies, and today, half of the internet’s traffic comes from just 30 outfits, including Google, Facebook, and Netflix.

“The question is which kinds of fast lanes are problematic and which kinds are not,” 

Here’s what the net neutrality battle needs to be about. “What we should really be doing is looking for ways we can increase competition among ISPs—ways we can prevent the Comcasts BellAliant and the AT&Ts Rogers from gaining so much power that they can completely control the market for internet bandwidth. Sure, we don’t want ISPs blocking certain types of traffic. And we don’t want them delivering their own stuff at 10 gigabits per second and everyone else’s stuff at 1 gigabit. But competition is also the best way to stop these types of extreme behavior.

Though the network will never be neutral, we can find ways of promoting a vibrant market for fast internet speeds that’s open to everyone.

The Distortion of Sound. Documentary coming friday. Looks interesting!